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UK Boat Show

Why not come and join us (virtually …) at the UK Boat Show – 6th-9th January 2022?


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UK Boat Show


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The Boating Event of the Year

In early January 2022 UK Boat Show will offer the first full Virtual Boat Show. Just like a physical show, there will be exhibitor halls, networking lounges, an auditorium, sponsored talks and events and live ‘meet the expert’ sessions.

You will be able to video chat with exhibitors, ask presenters questions in live Q&A sessions and they will even have a ‘digital swag bag’ where they can collect brochures, coupons and company information. All just like a live boat show …


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Why not join us? Get tickets

5 £
UK Boat Show
<Tickets go on sale on September 1st 2021/>
There are two sessions a day and you can buy either morning or afternoon tickets.

At the UK Boat Show you can:

  • Chat to exhibitors
  • Collect stuff in a digital ‘swag bag
  • Watch talks and webinars
  • Meet the experts at Live Q&A
  • See virtual demos and tours
Join us at the UK Boat Show January 6th-9th 2022