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UK Boat Show

Why not come and join us (virtually …) at the UK Boat Show – 6th-9th January 2022?


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UK Boat Show


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A virtual boat show?

So what is a virtual boat show? Well, in essence it is exactly the same as a physical boat show. You can network with other sailors, view talks and webinars, see safety demonstrations, look around boats and chat to all the exhibitors. The only real difference is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. When you buy a ticket you will set up your own personal logon and then you can logon at the appropriate time to browse around.

Whatever you are looking for – a new boat, a new engine, new decking or perhaps just a new lifejacket – you can find it at the UK Boat Show. Why not come and join us and revisit the buzz and lively vibe of the Earls Court Boat Show …. virtually ….

Join us at the UK Boat Show January 6th-9th 2022